2022 Outgoing Presidential Message - Brian Gilbert, PharmD, MBA

Welcome Back! Thank you all for your attendance here at the first in person KCHP Annual Spring Meeting in the last 3-4-5 years ago (with COVID we have all lost track). One thing that is extremely special about this meeting is getting to fellowship together and look back on all we have accomplished as an organization. We have weathered the COVID storm and thank you all for your patience as we all have begun to figure out the new normal. There are lots of folks I want to thank for this past year and know moving forward we are in the best of hands with Katie Wilson as our incoming president. First and foremost, I want to thank my wife and kids for all their support and input into meetings; even when they weren’t invited. I want to thank those on the Board and my Executive Board team, Carolyn, Katie, and Kevin who have made me a better leader. I’m so thankful for their knowledge, friendship, and grace they’ve given me this past year. I want to thank Q&A Business Solutions, Jim Andrews, specifically for his work in helping put together an incredible first in-person meeting in years. Matt Bilhimer, Daniel Pons, and the spring meeting committee for their tireless efforts at making this meeting such a success. We as an organization have to thank the KU School of Pharmacy for their support and generosity in allowing us to host not only this spring meeting but our first in-person KPRC in 2022. I’d like to thank Molly Tuggle for being such a tremendous asset and leader for our technicians and continually being such a positive voice. I also want to take a special moment to thank Chris Bell our governmental affairs director, Karen Braman a KCHP member but better known for her role with KHA, Jeff Little, Greg Burger, Christina Lawrenz from the governmental affairs committee, and Kat Miller for their tireless efforts as it relates to the legislative agenda. We have spent many hours attempting to address legislative issues with white bagging, female reproductive rights, gunshot violence victim advocacy, and much more. I’d also like to thank Joe Slechta for being a sounding board for me in some trying times this year. Your guidance, friendship, and dad jokes have been much appreciated. I’d like to take this moment to recognize our newest KU School of Pharmacy liaison in Jeff Pierce. Jeff has brought a wonderful energy to our group and it has been such an amazing time getting to know him this past year. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Derick Gross and Erin Boswell for all the wonderful work they have done with member engagement. Also, I must take this time to thank Frank Fanizza on his wonderful work by bringing together KCHP and KPha on our revamped pharmacy mentor program in Kannected; it has been a huge success and really well received. Another big shout out to Jen McKenna and the KCHP Foundation for all their support this year. Last but certainly not least I’d like to thank the members for putting their trust in me to lead this organization. I have slowly but surely shifted to identifying myself as a Kansan and when asked about our great state by those who know my background the first thing I tell them is 1) we do have in door plumbing 2) the wonderful work our health-system pharmacy teams do here. While I am sad my time as president is over again I know we are in tremendous hands moving forward with Katie Wilson and so with that not to delay the inevitable I’d like to introduce you to the next KCHP President, Dr. Katie Wilson.
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