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Poster Submissions

It’s time to start thinking about submitting an abstract for the 2022 Spring Meeting. Individuals wishing to present a poster should submit the information through the KCHP website by March 10, 2023.

Helpful Tips

Posters are judged with a score of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent) on the following criteria:


  • Is the abstract concise, organized and logical?
  • Does it have a clear introduction and conclusion?

Study Design/Methodology

  • Is there a clear, concise research question/purpose of the study?
  • Is the study design appropriate for the question being asked?
  • Is the study design clearly presented in a logical manner?


  • Is the summary/conclusion consistent with the results?
  • Has the research question been adequately answered?
  • Is the author’s conclusion supported by the data?

Relevance to Pharmacy Practice

  • Can results be extrapolated to other health system pharmacy practices?
  • How innovative or significant is the study to the practice of health system pharmacy (e.g., do the results provide new, timely, and important information that will assist other practitioners with enhancing the delivery of patient care in their practice?)

Written Communication/Display

  • Is the poster readable (from a distance)?
  • Is the layout organized logically?
  • Is the amount of text/data presented appropriate?

Oral Communication

  • Is the author/presenter able to provide a clear, concise answer to questions posed about the poster?
  • Does the presenter maintain eye contact, welcome interaction and avoid distracting mannerisms?
  • Does the presenter exhibit appropriate level of confidence?

If you are interested, or know of someone else that is, please consider submitting a poster for this year's Annual Meeting!

Deadline is March 10, 2023

Submit Poster Here

Innovation Grant Award

The KCHP Health-System Innovation Award is given annually by the KCHP Foundation. It is designated to recognize the demonstration of a program or process that improves patient care, services, or utilization of resources. Projects can be in a health system, inpatient, or ambulatory care pharmacy setting. Submissions may include improvements in either clinical or operational pharmacy practice activities. Individuals and health systems are eligible for the award. KCHP strives to share innovative pharmacy practices that demonstrate improvement in patient care or pharmacy processes, examples of past submissions are available below.

The deadline for submissions is March 10, 2023. Please submit a summary or abstract (no more than two pages) of your innovative practice.

Please contact Jim Andrews at kchp@qabs.com if you have any technical issues..

One winner will be selected from all applications. The winner and first runner up will present their innovative practices at the KCHP 2023 Spring Meeting.

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