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Our commitment to DEIA:

The Kansas Council of Health-System Pharmacy (KCHP) is committed to building, protecting, and celebrating diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism (DEIA) across the continuum of our membership, our profession, and our clinical practice. We believe we are better together -- better at building the wellness of the pharmacy workforce, better at providing excellent patient care, and better at innovating to revolutionize the pharmacy profession. We oppose actions that perpetuate health disparities, systemic racism, and other forms of oppression and violence.

Alignment with our strategic plan:


Strategic Priority: Advance pharmacy practice in hospitals, health-systems, and ambulatory care settings.

  • Goal: Advocate for laws, regulations, and standards that will improve patient care.
  • Goal: Increase patient awareness of health-system pharmacy. Related task: Provide patient outreach and education with diversity in mind.


Strategic Priority: Enhance opportunities to meet the needs of our members, patients, and collaborating partners.

  • Goal: Advance member well-being and resilience.

Selected ASHP Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) 2030 elements:

  • A1: Pharmacists should collaborate with patients, families, and caregivers to ensure that treatment plans respect patients' beliefs, values, autonomy, and agency.
  • A8: The pharmacy enterprise should be integrated and modeled to provide patient-centered care across the continuum.
  • A10: Pharmacists should play an active role in ensuring that ethical principles drive clinical and business decisions related to medication use.
  • B6: Pharmacy practice leaders should ensure that their workforce has the necessary knowledge and competency to adapt to emerging healthcare needs.
  • E7: Pharmacy departments should strive to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion in all technical, clinical, and leadership roles. 

ASHP Policy Position on Pharmacoequity:

To raise awareness that disparities in clinical practice negatively impact healthcare outcomes and compromise pharmacoequity; further,

To recognize the impact of social determinants of health on pharmacoequity and patient outcomes; further,

To advocate for drug availability, drug pricing structures, pricing transparency, and insurance coverage determinations that promote pharmacoequity; further,

To advocate that the pharmacy workforce identify and address risks and vulnerabilities to pharmacoequity as part of comprehensive medication management services; further,

To advocate for resources, including technology, that improve access to care for marginalized and underserved populations where pharmacy access is limited; further,

To encourage the pharmacy workforce to identify and mitigate biases in healthcare decision-making that compromise pharmacoequity.

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